Nonmaterial And Material Culture: The Different Types Of Culture

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Culture is a word used almost daily by almost everyone. It is a common word but what exactly is culture. 'Culture is a set of beliefs , traditions, and practices; the sum of the social categories and concepts we embrace in addition to beliefs, behaviors (except instinctual ones), and practices; everything but the natural environment around us. To break it down even further, there are two types of culture; nonmaterial and material. Nonmaterial culture can be defined as 'values, behaviors, and social norms. ' Whereas material culture can be described as 'everything that is part of our constructed, physical environment, including technology. '

What does all that mean though? In my head when I think of nonmaterial I think of something being intangible or not touchable. On the other hand, I think of material as being tangible or touchable. We as humans created culture. Each and every one of us constructed our own culture to our own lifestyles.

In regards to the question, 'Why do you feel culture differs from one location to another (nonmaterial & material), ' it is because of the differing lifestyles we life. For example, people who live in New York City view this enormous city as being their home. They wake up everyday, go to work, go to school, come home and live their lives. To people not living in New York City they view the enormous city as being a hangout spot, a shopping trip, or a weekend getaway. Depending on where you live in the world causes views to be
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