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Material and nonmaterial culture in my world University of the People It’s fascinating to do a contrastive analysis of material and nonmaterial culture, together with exploring sociological factors that unknowingly shape my life. As it kind of offers an insight into the world around me, and opens my eyes to those unnoticed patterns which exist in our society. Hence, let’s discuss these areas in depth next. First and foremost, the big difference between material and nonmaterial culture is: whether tangible or invisible. The former refers to man-made things that people not only give a meaning to them, but also assign a function or value, whereas the latter encompasses abstract ideas and implicit forms of social interaction.…show more content…
Pizza Hut, the mere mention of this Italian-American cuisine restaurant, delicious pizza and pasta immediately conjure up for me. However, it also serves as a means of expressing friendship, unselfishness, reunion in my nonmaterial assumptions. 3. Visa & Mastercard, two major credit card brands. We use them to pay our bills, and then repay the money we borrow from the bank. It was once disapproving approach had become orthodoxy, as there are changes in public attitudes to consumption and spending. 4. Internet, a wonderful invention that helps the diffusion of information and knowledge. In my culture ordinary people’s way of behaving and thinking has been shifted over the years, as they are given greater freedom in their choice of learning, shopping, communicating, thanks to this novel electronic tool. 5. Jeans, blue cotton clothing. Now it is a code word for fashion, but four decades ago, if a person dressed in jeans, general pubic would associate this individual with some ugly and unsavoury characters. 6. City library, a building where the civilians can get access to various reading materials. With the coming of electronic books, social norms have changed over time. Online reading and downloading are in the ascendant these days, instead of visiting the city library in

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