Proposal About Video Games

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Luke Parlabean
ORT Proposal
Video games are said to have a negative effect on concentration in young children by aiding in memory and concentration disabilities such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). In this research topic, the difference between a nonstrategic and strategic games effect on concentration will be tested to discover if it is all types of games that we play that affect our concentration or just specific ones, i.e. the nonstrategic game. The strategic game in this test will be League of Legends where one match lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and having five players on each team to outmanoeuvre and compete against the other online players to win the game with high risk of dying and losing making it very competitive
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I enjoy playing video games in my spare time, but sometimes I feel that they take over my school work and so conducting an experiment to find out officially what type of games would affect me differently when studying or working after playing these games. Allowing me to be able to play the games and continue with school work after playing the games.
Literature Review
Sarah Klein (July 5, 2010): Within the article Too many video games may sap attention span by Sarah Klein the question asked is if a child can play the same game for hours, then why are they then incapable of paying attention during class time. One of the conclusions in the article was that the fast pace exciting game makes school work seem very dull and boring. This is a strong view point as it asks whether playing video games is like a drug that excites the player, resulting in the player playing the game for longer, reducing their interaction within school classes. The article was published in 2010 but the data and insight about the topic of video games and why we can play games for such long periods is still relevant today as many school boys still struggle to work in class because of video games. The information from the article is reliable as it comes from a well-known
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• The colour game.
• Several participants who play different types of video games.
Experimental procedure
• Prepare two different tests.
• Test 1 being a memory match game.
• Test 2 being where a student must say the colour of a certain number of dots and then reading different colours proceeded by saying the colour of each word instead of the actual word.
• Both tests must be taken before and after a game.
• The results must be recorded with all scores for each subject with consideration of ethics.
• Use the method on many students to get an average result.
• Ask the students whether they felt that they could concentrate more or not after studying for 30 minutes.
• Use different types of games to find out which type of game is more effective towards the gamers concentration.
Time line
The time line for the experiment is not fixed as most of the boys are busy with other school activities so the testing will be finished when all boys have partaken in the tests. The boys must complete all the test however in one seating.
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