Nonverbal Communication In The Movie: Inside Out

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In the movie Inside Out everything essentially takes place inside the mind of an eleven year old girl, Riley. Riley is guided by her emotions of joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust. These five core human emotions attempt to advise and navigate her through her everyday life. The emotions and Riley display many nonverbal cues throughout the movie which portray how they are feeling. Watching this movie helped me learn how effective the communication between the characters is, what advice I would give to Riley if I were put in a similar situation, and how this advice is rooted in nonverbal communication. At the beginning of the movie Riley is a very happy girl with a great life full of friends, family, and hockey; However, when her family suddenly moves from Minnesota to San Francisco because of her dad’s job things begin to change. Riley and her emotions have a difficult time attempting to adjust to her new life. Joy has been Riley’s central and most prominent emotion throughout her life so Joy continues to try and keep things positive during this move; However, the other emotions clash on how to best steer Riley with starting over in this new place, house, and school. This causes chaos to arise in Headquarters, where the emotions are located. The communication I noticed that was displayed in this movie was storytelling and nonverbal communication. An effective way to engage an audience is through storytelling, stories not only entertain but they also teach. This movie
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