Nonverbal Communication Observation Essay

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I. Observation My observation of nonverbal communication and behavior related to gender took place at a local café, Ad Astra. This café doubles a used-and-new book store and a coffee shop; the menu consists of coffee and tea beverages, sandwiches, and sweets. Ad Astra does not serve alcohol. The furniture consists of odd tables, chairs, and sofas; tables, depending on their size and shape, sit two to five people. The back of the dining area contains a space for children to read and play. It is a self-service café. I attended Ad Astra on the evening of their Old Vinyl Night event, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Since it was a week night, I encountered only about 20 people coming and going altogether; some of the customers were single men, some people…show more content…
He choose an unoccupied end of a couch and set there with a newspaper. Throughout the hour I spent in the café, a few more people, men and women, walked in, bought beverages to-go, used the restroom, and left. Among these drop-by customers, women were talking louder, looking around, and taking longer time to decide what they want to purchase. Men were mostly silent, did not look around, went directly to the counter, placed their order, and left immediately after receiving it. Several times during then night the record needed to be replaced, and once the record player started making a screechy noise. Only the men stood up and went to change the records. When something was going wrong with the record player, a few men congregated around discussing the problem. When they set down, I asked one of them if he has a record player at home. He said he never had one. It sounded interesting to me because I had a record player for many years, but it didn’t occur to me to go and try fixing whatever the problem was. When people were leaving, both men and women cleared their dishes, but only the women tried also to wipe the crumbs of the table with their napkins. II.
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