Nonverbal Communication: The Importance Of Women In Interpersonal Communication

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According to some psychologists, women are more likely than men prefer to see than to hear, than to listen and have more trust in the visual (non-verbal) information (Carnes, 2015). Unlike men, who in society are trying to demonstrate their masculinity and to achieve high status, women are more concerned about harmony in society and support of others. Being empathetic and sensual to others lay down in women’s nature and, therefore these instincts are manifested in interpersonal communication. It is believed that women more frequently use non-verbal communication because they much easier understand the body language and nonverbal cues.
During the conversation women usually tend to have more eye contact, comparing with men (Carnes, 2015). As Carnes argues, the part of explanation of this tendency lies in the relation of women to communication: they see non-verbal communication as the possibility of sharing emotions. He also notes that “women are more likely to use eye contact to gauge the sincerity of the other party”. According other studies, women more often look at their partner during the listening than the speaking; meanwhile it was not found in the men 's behavior such differences (J. Hall, 1996). As a rule in the conversation women maintain eye contact more frequently than men, regardless of the gender of the person with whom they are talking. However, for many women intent gaze seems as an expression of aggression (Палуди, 2003). When they notice someone else
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