Nonverbally: The Role Of Communication In The Army

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Davannah Knatt Communication Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information. At the work place, communication verbally and nonverbally is extremely important. In order for the unit to effectively grow, we need to improve our communication and it starts with the leaders. Once the leaders communicate better then the soldiers will feel comfortable and this will create a nonhostile environment. Better communication within our unit would create a better morale. We all appreciate good communication. Whenever there are positive vibes and good feelings around the unit it creates a healthy working environment. When we can create a healthy working environment then soldiers will perform their duties better and with a positive attitude. Communication…show more content…
Confidence allows the person to put trust in what you’re saying. The way to achieve confidence while communicating is to always make eye contact, speak loudly, speak clearly, and use a firm tone of voice. I believe the army sees communication as very important. AAR is just one example to when the army expects us to communicate with one another, and also having formation three times a day is a form of communication and an outlet for information. The Army knows how important communication is, we just can 't have people running around doing their own thing. Accountability and the proper use of the chain of command is how we will meet this goal as one. The AAR is important to me because it allows everyone to give feedback. It is the higher rankings jobs to look for ways to improve everything we do, the AAR is constructive criticism but along with constructive criticism should come positive feedback too. Having good communication skills is not only important in the work place, communication skills plays a huge role in life. Every relationship has to have good communication. Friendships, the work environment, and marriages are just some examples to where communication and listening is crucial. I believe this unit has great leaders and we
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