Essay On Nonviolence

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Throughout history, there have been many occurrences where groups must overthrow a dictator to receive independence. Independence is important for the people to have as they are able to collectively make their own decisions and decide their own fate. The United States is an example of an independent country. Independence has allowed for the citizens to do what they please and live as they want. The road to getting this independence is tough though as for the most part, people are expected to fight in battle to achieve it. However, using nonviolence is better to receive independence in comparison to one with violence because it is more effective and also promotes peace for the future.
First of all, nonviolence is more effective versus violence.
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Mohandas Gandhi, referring to nonviolent cooperation, once said, "It follows therefore that it must have its root in love. Its object should not be to punish the opponent or to inflict injury upon him. Even while non-cooperating with him, we must make him feel that in us he has a friend…" Here he is saying that nonviolence allows for the countries to remain friends which do not make it seem like they want to punish the other by killing its civilians. As long as both countries follow their written documents, the countries will end on friendly terms. Contrastly, after a war, although there may be a written pact between countries, there would still be war tension. It is hard for them to rebuild this relationship that has already suffered greatly. To add on, if there would be more problems that arise there may be more violence rather than being the countries acting peacefully about the issue. When countries resort to peaceful protests or talks, there is less tension in that people are not dying, the governments do not have to be afraid when the next attack will be, and the atmosphere is much calmer allowing for more peace in the future. There is also less of a chance that other countries may have to get involved and be forced to choose a side. Clearly, the use of nonviolence will allow for peace among the citizens and the government, benefiting
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