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As a labor union organizer and civil rights leader, Chavez wrote this article to validate the use of nonviolence instead of violence as means to create change. Chavez presents comparing through counter argument, if-then structure, and parallelism. The article Chavez wrote explains how effective nonviolence is. Chavez argues for nonviolence despite understanding the tendency toward violence. Throughout the article, Chavez counters nonviolence with violence informing the "what ifs". Chavez states "if it fails our only alternative is violence". The people need an understanding of what is taking place in order to handle however amount of struggle is occurring nonviolently. Violence happens when concern about any human aspect gets deepened. Nonviolence is a more successful way to prevent future issues.…show more content…
As stated within the article, for example, "if we resort to violence, then one of two things will happen...". If-then structure sets a base to illustrating what could possibly happen if violence took place. Comparing nonviolence to violence holds a more clear understanding through

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