Nonviolence Gandhi Case Study

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1. Identify three specific example of nonviolence practice from the video and describe the circumstances and outcome. One of the nonviolence practice from the Gandhi movies were when Gandhi were living South Africa. It was Gandhi first protest when the police were asking them not to burn the paper and one of the man that Gandhi were protest were hit by the police, at that moment Gandhi were mad so he put all the papers in the fire at that scenes Gandhi were arrested and he was put into jail for the burning of the paper.

The second nonviolence practice from the Gandhi movies were the march on the salt work. When Gandhi were arrested in India a few groups of people gathered together to March on the salt works. When they were walking toward
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Describes the work Gandhi accomplished (use at last two examples)? How does his work relate to the reading on the intractability website regarding conflict and power?

The work that Mahatma Gandhi was trying to accomplish were for his country to be free and independent from British. He also accomplished the Hindu Muslim to be part of India like the rest of them. Example of how Gandhi work relate to conflict and power. The conflict were his country were been taken over by people that don't belong there and at that moment they didn't have that power to kick them out. Second example is when Gandhi mad his people's to understand that fighting the hand to hand will not help alive the problem that he trying to solve.

3. Discuss the connection between spirituality and nonviolence in Gandhi life including the concept of satyagraha. (Be sure you define satyagraha.
A policy of passive political resistance especially that advocate by Mahatma Gandhi against British rule in Lydia.
4. Imagine a world in which nonviolence is the primary mode of solving Conflicts. Identify any example of the use of nonviolence in a political or technological or economic event or interaction. What would the media broadcast on television or in the newspapers web? Be creative
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