Nonviolent Communication Analysis

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Describe which of the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) compassionate interactions skills below you feel is your strongest. I see myself as an affectionate person at times. Depending on the situation or the person, I can be open hearted, tender and warm. Then at time I can be real friendly and loving, especially with my family and friends. When it comes to my work, I feel confident and secure that I can get the job done successfully. This is what I try to display with my boss and co-workers every day. Well I would be real dismissed if I would not say that I am thankful every day for my family and friends. As well as my health. I am grateful. I tell my Son and myself all of time when you make a mistake; you are given another chance to learn from…show more content…
Can I improve on any of these skills above; yes, we all can find improvement in ourselves. Examine which skill(s) you want to improve in your romantic relationships, family relationships, and/or workplace relationships. This is a very good question. I do not know if I am the right person to analyze my skills in this area, but I will try. In my romantic relationship with my Wife, I need to learn to listen and communication more. I need to improve my relationship with Son. He is 13 years old and does not listen very well or I am not communicating clearly enough. As far as improving my workplace relationship. I need to learn to smile and display a more friendly or approvable attitude. • clarifying what emotions you are feeling Over last few years it been stressful and completely lost. First, my Wife develop breast cancer and had to go through a very intense treatment. Then about two years ago, my Son started having seizures. Therefore, I would have say my emotions have been good to worried at times. • clarifying your needs Learning to relax more and not worry so often would be great needs. In additional to getting more sleep as

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