Examples Of Nonviolent Resistance

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Nonviolent resistance is the only solution to social change without strengthening the problems and tensions that are already there. The world may not be the way it is if it wasn’t for nonviolent resistance in human history multiple times. For example in Dr.King’s letter from Birmingham Jail he uses many examples of other non violent extremists. Paul,Amos, and Jesus are good examples of it doesn 't take violence to solve everything. Social change isn’t just something you can just fight out and be done with. It requires time and a lot of patience because if not then things would always stay the same. Dr.King has changed the world for the better because of being an extremist for civil rights and doing so in an non violent matter. He believed that” If the Negro is to achieve the goal of integration, he must organize himself into a militant and nonviolent mass movement” lines (75-76) from…show more content…
During the Civil Rights movement many blacks were beaten and hosed by police men,women, and even children. Now some blacks may argue that since the whites can do it blacks can do it as well right wrong. That will just make whites argue that blacks are dangerous and say the blacks started and of course the court would be all white and the blacks would be thrown in jail or fined. Even one action of violent retaliation will just set a stereotype for all blacks and it would make it even more challenging to gain rights. But won’t nonviolent resistance take forever and the enduring discrimination will just make matters worse because blacks will be even angrier. While this may be true in some cases you have to realize change doesn 't just come instantly. When you 're advocating for social change you have to keep pushing through no matter what. Your gonna have to deal with some bad to dish out some good. While nonviolent resistance may be the longest and most grueling form of protest it is certainly one of the
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