Nora Ephron Boston Photographs Analysis

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Pictures cannot be reenacted; therefore, this is why photographs are significant. This statement rings valid; many people, including Nora Ephron, agree with it. Moreover, Ephron writes an essay called “The Boston Photographs”, and she references a woman’s death. The photographs of the woman and her child falling are visible in news articles. Some people believe that these pictures are too private. Nevertheless, Ephron believes that newspapers should not censor dismaying images because they embody certain issues well. The same theme of death appears in a recent photograph of the blood-spattered death of many Syrians in “air strikes by the Syrian government forces” (Getty Images). In short, although some people believe that certain images invade…show more content…
The picture of the dead bodies of the Syrians shows loved ones dealing with a particular tragic; photographers are invading privacy when they photographed dozens of dead bodies. Additionally, showing the world an image of people intensely bawling gives off a discourteous persona of the photographer to the mass audience. Similarly, a lot of people disagree with Ephron, and one point repeats continuously: “Invading the privacy of death” (731). Although this point is valid, it is also important to show people the exact portrayal of life to prevent similar situations in the future. The Boston photos, according to Ephron, does much more than show two people falling off a fire escape. “They dramatized the need to check on the safety of fire escapes” (731). This proves that people would be more cautious of their fire escape after looking at these photographs; sometimes, it is acceptable to invade privacy if it will benefit people. With the picture of the dead Syrians, it was vital to photograph images to the public so people can see how sickening the current state of Syria is. Photographs, literally and metaphorically, are more vibrant than sentences. This can get people to take safety measures so similar incidents do not repeat again. Hence, publishing the dead bodies of the Syrians is logical. Although some
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