Norco Leg Lifter Case Study

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The Norco leg lifter This leg lifting tool offered by Norco is well-designed, easy-to-use and suitable for people with limited leg mobility. Users love the price and its effectiveness, but some do note that it’s hard to place their foot in it properly. The Norco leg lifter is made of durable aluminum, and it’s covered in 1-inch wide soft nylon webbing. There is also a 9-icnh loop foothold that easily bends to accommodate your foot, and a hand strap. The total length of this leg lift assisting device is 40 inches (30-inch aluminum rod plus 10-inch hand strap). A buyer shares his professional opinion as a therapist that the Norco leg lifter is the best leg lifting assistance device available. The reviewer states that it has a rigid loop that…show more content…
A buyer comments that this bed leg lifter helps him to relax his leg and to move it around with minimal efforts. The reviewer recommends it to anyone with hip problems and advises that you should practice with the lifter before your surgery. A happy user mentions that it’s a piece of cake to slip your foot in the strap and that this is the best leg lifter available. The reviewer also states the leg lifter is long, comfortable and well-made and that even though he uses it daily, the leg lifting strap doesn’t show signs of wearing out. However, some customers have complained that this leg lifter strap is flimsy and that the stitching is poorly done. A user complains that the rod bends too easily and that it’s was hard for him to place his foot inside the…show more content…
Users love that this foot lifter is comfortable and easy-to-use, but some do note that they had problems to fit their foot in it. This blue rigid leg lifter has a total length of 40 inches, a metal rod with reinforced webbing, a foot loop that you can pre-bend to accommodate your foot, and a flexible hand loop for additional comfort. The foot loop has a rubber grip so that you don’t have to worry that your food will slide out of the strap. In general, users are pleased with the usefulness and the performance of the Sammons blue foot lifter. A buyer comments that he was skeptical whether this leg strap lifter would be helpful and that he only regrets not buying it sooner. The reviewer states that he uses the lifter regularly without any complaints and that he is considering buying a second one for his car. The purchaser would recommend this leg lifting strap to anyone needs a high-grade leg lifter. Another customer mentions that he has big feet and the strap fits him with no issues. The user also says that the strap is stiff and sturdy, so it’s very easy to put his foot in it. However, some customers have complained that the rubber gripper inside the foot loop is uncomfortable, especially for bare feet. Some users also note that this leg lifter didn’t work for them and they were disappointed with their
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