Noriega's Influence On America

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With all presidents there comes the good and the bad, as for the bad George failed to deal with the many of the problems at home in the country instead focused mostly on the problems of other countries. This could have been because he was very familiar in dealing with foreign affairs causing him to ignore the domestic problems. An example of his failure to focus on America was he failed to create a new plan for the international environment and to place any responsibility on the United States. Even though he was able to decrease drug use in the middle class in the lower class drug use increased.
Many presidents sometimes do not have the best relationship with Congress but eventually they work out their differences, especially when you are a Republican Party with a democratic influenced Congress. Having different views on abortion, economic aid to Poland and Hungary, deficit reduction and United States policy towards Noriega 's rule in Panama made Congress and Bush dislike each other and not agree with each other. The biggest argument that occurred between him and Congress was when he wanted to cut the capital gains tax rate, a plan that Democrats viewed as a betrayal of the commitment both parties made to tax reform in 1986.
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Most came to believe that he did not care for the economy or the people only what they carried in their pockets causing him to lose support for re-election. After his two successful foreign affairs, Noriega and the Gulf War Americans were definitely happy and showed their support for George. One event that weakened the American people and George’s relationship is when George lied about not having new taxes. WHen he clearly passed acts that established new taxes, this angered many
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