Norm Violations In Sociology

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The society we live in has shaped us in ways we may not have every noticed. Each culture different from the next, we often get angry or frustrated when a person commits a violation we feel is just common sense. Values, norms, sanctions, folkways, and mores are a part of our everyday life, yet most do not know their meanings, definition, or how they play a role in our lives. The object is to inform of these ideas, give their definitions, explain how they affect us. Next I will give a detailed description of a two norm violations I observed along with a norm violation I committed. Lastly, I will discuss and analysis my observations, experiences, and the significance of values, norms, sanctions, folkways, and mores to our society. Every day we…show more content…
Values, as defined by James M. Henslin in Essentials of Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach are "the standards by which people define what is desirable or undesirable, good or bad, beautiful or ugly." (p. 49) Depending on where one lives, his or her values can vary a great deal. Not every country has the same values. Henslin defined norms as "expectations of 'right' behavior." (p. 49) Norms also vary by location, yet we hold the expectations very high, so much so that we tend to sanction a person if they are not following the norm. A sanction, Henslin stated, is "either expressions of approval given to people for upholding norms, or expressions of disapproval for violation them." (p.49) Although most will not outwardly give a negative sanction, we tend to have great disapproval for their behavior in our thoughts. People are much more inclined to positively sanction a person, even if it is with…show more content…
Mostly because that place seems to be a walking norm violation. My goal was to walk up to someone's basket, remove items, and walk away. I had my baby with me again, in her stroller. My goal of bringing her was to appear a bit less mentally incapacitated. So I get to Wal-Mart, and go in. I walk by the shoe section and grab a pair of flip flops out of a basket where two women were looking at the shoes. Neither noticed I had done so, but looked very puzzled when they realized a pair had gone missing. So I continued my quest, and found a man in the men's section. I grabbed from his cart a pack of men's underwear. He noticed, but just stood there looking at me like he could not believe what was going on. I walked off, and was holding back laughter. Why was I laughing? Why could I not just perform the task and not laugh? Likely because I felt like a fool. So I regained my composure, and continued on. I found an older lady, in the food isles and grabbed a bag of chocolate chips. She looked up at me and said "excuse me, that's mine" I apologized, handed it back, and walked off- quickly. I was so embarrassed. This was not my normal behavior, and I did not like having to commit these violations. Likely because my mother taught me to respect others, and that is deeply engrained into my being. I am also a huge people pleaser. I do not like to make others unhappy, or angry. When I do find myself in those situations, I will

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