Normality And Monstrosity In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Monstrosity is a deceiving word that can cause society to act in a particular way blinding them from looking at the inner traits and rather focus on the physical traits. A person 's personality has now no longer defined whom they are but instead, their physical appearance has. For quite some time society have judged those who are any different and don’t meet the standard of normality and as a result, people tend to lash out of anger, leading many people to accept the fact that mankind is nothing but corrupted and evil. One of these people being Mary Shelley 's who shared her views on mankind in her novel Frankenstein, as she presents a creature that had been viewed as an abomination to society for its appearance and wrongdoings. However, these views change when the creatures version of events is presented and it is shown that the creature is not an atrocity to society, but rather was misunderstood and constantly let down for his distinctive feature. As his own creator had abandoned him and left him to face the reality of what society brings, he wanted to be loved and cared for but was constantly let down for his appearance, and became a victim of abuse for his hideous features. To start off with, in Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein, Shelley presents a creature who had been viewed as a monstrosity and abomination to society for the murders it had committed. However, these view changes when she introduces the creature version of events and it is revealed that the creature
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