Essay On Everyday Life

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What is everyday life? Everyday life is a routine in which people typically think, act and display themselves on the daily basis, everyday life can be describe as a natural habit for people this is called normality. As to regard of the reading by Andrew Blauvelt he describe everyday life like is: not many people have access to designers, designers are important in the everyday life as they see the world differently to others, they see it with a more critical eye. According to Andrew Blauvet(2003.163) many new items are absorbed into our surroundings and form the background in which we go about our daily lives. This meaning that we are so absorbed about what is around us that we tend to forget what is the bigger picture, what are we meant to…show more content…
They are always jumping from one trend to another thus making it really hard for designers to keep up with the patterns that humans create. With the patterns changing designing becomes difficult, there needs to be a balance between design and technology. Let us look at an example of a coffee that has been designed with an industrial interior and the owners choose to modify the coffee shop to a more contemporary style because the public is growing more on to that particular…show more content…
This then implicates its self in the world. The millennial`s take on design differently to that of the past, they see design as more inspirational than any. Today design is not reduced to what time period it is but it is used to inspire the thinking behind the designs we make. The everydayness works off designs that are there to not fade into the background but instead take note of the incomplete design where people will eventually learn to adapt to this style of
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