Norman And Judy Schottle Home Analysis

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Norman and Judy Schoettle 's home consists of the adoptive parents Noman (71) and Judy (69), Linda (51), Jessica (31), Ayden (9), Addax (5), and Destiny (4). Destiny attends school at LClaire Elementary in Edwardsville, IL. Destiny does very well in school. The family resides in a ranch style three bedroom, two bathroom home with a finished two bedroom, one bath in the basement. The home is clean and well furnished. The home also has a living room, kitchen, laundry room and dining room. Destiny has her own room. Linda and Jessica have their own rooms. The adoptive parents have their own room. Addax and Ayden share a room. There are working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the home. There are no structural concerns with the home. The…show more content…
She stated that trying to keep a clean house causes conflict in their relationship, but they try to have everything put away in order to resolve it. They have two children. They have a son Norman Schoettle (50) and a daughter, Linda Hawkins (51). Their daughter, Linda, resides with them. Linda 's daughter, Jessica Hendriex (32), and her two small children, Ayden Hendriex (9) and Addax Hendriex (5), live with Norman and Judy. There are several household rules which include: picking up toys, helping to feed the dogs and the cat, putting clothes where they belong, setting and clearing the table during meals, and putting away toys that are outside. He and Judy believes in time out and saying your sorry to the indivdual you may have hurt. They believe having the children make up with each other and hug each other. They have named, Linda Hawkins, as their backup caregiver. On XX/XX/2016 , this worker held a conversation about the transfer of adoption with is in total agreement with the back-up plan and has expressed his willingness to help out in any way is needed at any time in regards to the children. Norman and Judy Schoettle and the worker have provided Linda with the plan and process to transfer guardianship of the

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