Norman Rockwell Four Freedom Speech Analysis

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Norman Rockwell's 4 Freedoms Speech and Posters Research: Meta Description: Celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of FDR and Norman Rockwell’s four freedoms with BiPartisan Café. Meta Keywords: Four freedoms, BiPartisan coffee shop, Norman Rockwell, World War II The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of FDR’s Four Freedoms Speech and the Norman Rockwell Series that Commemorates It In January of 1941, seventy-five years ago this year, Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered a State of the Union address to the joint houses of the U.S. Congress. This speech, delivered on the eve of our entry into World War II, is remarkable for both its content and its intent. It came to be known as…show more content…
Despite the popularity of the images with the American public, they were largely considered to be illustration rather than fine art by the nation’s art critics. This dismissal of the artist’s work corresponds with his general treatment by the critics, this despite the fact that he was arguably the most popular American artist of the twentieth century. Reproductions of the four paintings are still available as posters to this day. Rockwell’s Enduring Legacy Norman Rockwell passed away in 1978, but his artwork lives on in the many iconic Life Magazine and Saturday Evening Post covers he illustrated, as well as the paintings he produced. The Four Freedoms series of paintings is no exception. In fact, the Freedom from Want painting, also popularly known as Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving is emblematic of the American holiday. Though most contemporary Americans would struggle to name FDR’s four freedoms (as they did by mid-1942, before Rockwell created the paintings), the message of hope for a future of freedoms that is contained in the images Rockwell created lives
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