Norman Rockwell Liberty Girl Analysis

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In the painting Liberty girl by Norman Rockwell, a woman is shown carrying a huge load of utensils and supplies on her back. Her posture shows that she is in a hurry to get a lot of jobs done which are usually accomplished by men.The type of humor shown in this painting is incongruous. The painting is betraying the stereotype that women are dependent on men and portraying that a woman is capable of doing just as much, or even more than a man.
In this painting the background is pure white which prompts the observer to subconsciously ignore the background and puts more focus on the woman. The clothes that she is wearing resemble the American flag. Her blue short sleeved shirt with white stars looks like the stars on the flag, the pants with red and white stripes look like the stripes on the flag, and her blue socks and red and white shoes are the overall colors of the flag. The colors of her clothes she is wearing gives the painting a patriotic feeling and indicates that she is trying to help.
The woman is shown carrying a huge and heavy load. She is holding a pipe wrench in her right hand, carrying a water canister, a garden hoe, a leaking oil can, glasses filled with milk, a pencil, a rope, a set of keys, and all sorts of utensils that don 't pertain to each
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The painting represents women as a whole during the time of a war. In the picture the observer can see that she is continuing to move forward by the placement of her feet and the way her body is positioned.With all the wait on her shoulders she is still determined to keep moving forward.Women are capable of not only stepping out of traditionally feminine occupations, but excelling at masculine occupations as well in times of need. They have the ability to mobilize and change themselves from even what they deem to be the norm. Perhaps the reason the author called this painting liberty girls is because he thinks of women as heroes that continue to move forward and never look back no matter the
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