Norman Rockwell: Photograph Analysis

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“How-To” description of Norman Rockwell Illustration Depicted in Photograph The Eighth Grade had to choose a Norman Rockwell illustration to do a photographic version to show at the Eighth Grade Formal Dinner. The Norman Rockwell illustration I chose to reproduce was the "Sporting Boys Baseball Choosing Up.” The illustration is four boys all dressed in a baseball uniform looking at two of them hold the baseball bat which would decide what they are going to do fielding or hitting. First chose a Norman Rockwell illustration to do as a photographic version of. I chose “Sporting Boys Choosing Up” because it was a baseball photo and baseball has a big part in my life. Also the game where the children in the original photo place…show more content…
Taking the photo is possibly the most challenging part of the project. I thought it would take the least amount of time to do. To take the photo we first went outside to the basketball court where there is a baseball home plate at one of the corners of the court. In addition to going outside, we had to wait as the first, second, and third graders were all outside on their afternoon recess. We all waited until the classes finished their recess to use the spot we needed. Secondly, I started getting everything into place I looked at the original photo and realized that there is also a dog in the photo. I did not notice the dog because it blended in with the white baseball pants the children had on and the background. Mario, one of my models, went up to the classroom to find the dog prop we needed in our photo. As soon as he came outside we noticed that there was no dog and asked him where the dog was. Mario said we lost the dog prop because nobody could find it . After that, we all agreed that we would take the photo without the dog hoping it would still come out well. Thirdly, as we were getting our models back into place it was difficult to work with my two models, Mason and Conner, on how to get their hand placement for when they hold the bat. My models kept moving their hands lower or just letting go of the bat and losing their hand placement. They also wanted to keep playing with the baseball bat,
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