Norman Vincent Peale's The Secret

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The book and dvd "The Secret" has become popular with people I work with lately. I viewed the dvd and was disappointed to find out that it really is no secret. I've been hearing this stuff most of my life. Maybe it is because I was raised as a Christian. Yes, there is certainly truth to it. There are "spiritual" laws in place in the universe, just like there are physical laws such as gravity. I like to call them Laws of Faith. "The Secret" calls them Laws of Attraction. It has to do with positive thinking and belief in something good happening. Norman Vincent Peale wrote extensively on the subject years ago. It was called the Power of Positive Thinking. The opposite also works. I guess you could call it the power of negative thinking. But…show more content…
It comes in when I give the control of everything in my life to the Lord. And I trust that He loves me so much that He only wants the best for me. Sure, bad things happen sometimes. We mess up sometimes. And this is a fallen world, with evil, sin and an enemy who wants to rob, kill and destroy us. But I have the faith that God is in control, and because I trust him, he will always make everything work out for the best in the end. Sometimes, as Christians, we don't get all the blessings the Lord has in store for us, because we fail to ask him. God may be just waiting for us to ask him. For a good study on this subject read "The Prayer of Jabez" by Bruce Wilkinson. Sure I'd like a new car or new furniture, and I'll ask Him for it, but I'm leaving that up to God to decide. It may not be the best thing for me right now. He knows better than I do. And life is so much more than wanting stuff. Jesus Christ says to seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness (and that means focusing on what you can do for others rather than yourself) and all that other stuff will be added to the blessings you get. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. And yes it does work. If you don't believe me, try it sometime. Jesus said it best in Matthew
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