Normative Ethics Case Analysis

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2.0 Case Analysis
2.1 The ethics or values associated with this case issue
2.1.1 Utilitarian moral principle According to Wikipedia, utilitarianism is the best moral in a theory in normative ethics that maximizes utility. The principle assumes that will develop the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people. It is usually defined as maximizing total benefit and reducing the suffering. However, Lynas (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is dumping tonnes of toxic and radioactive with the intention to maximize its profit and cause the environment, livelihoods, and the future generations’ health become worse day to day. The lower charged in Pahang which is RM1.45/cubic metre rather than other states, causes this company decides choosing to locate in Gebeng.
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There are three types of justice such as distributive justice, retributive justice and compensatory justice. Distributive justice is involving the distribution of benefits and burdens. Through this case, an explanation that Malaysian public have a right took such a long period to be brought out from Lynas (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. The executive summary of the report should be distributed to the public which would then indicate the transparency as well as public commitment by the government and Lynas. The absent of the imminent need for Permanent Disposal Facility (PDF) such disappointing. The Malaysian public are being set aside and not entitled to take cognizance of their own country while they are experiencing these adverse situations. Retributive justice is involving the just imposing of punishments and punitive action. In this case, what has been done by Lynas (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a very big deal because they have destroyed the environment and caused impaired health of the residents. The dumping tonnes of toxic and radioactive will cause unusual health problems including acute respiratory infections and heavy dry coughing. Therefore the retributive justice principle should implement to Lynas (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd for giving them some appropriate punishments and penalties over their huge mistake which involve human’s life and nature. Compensatory justice is involving…show more content…
Lynas (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd should apply the ethics of care towards the society. This is because the society is very valuable people in their business. Lynas is a responsible company that is supposed to save the environment in which we live our lives and use nature wisely without damage to cause destruction. They should be more respect to the environment by abiding with all relevant laws. It is also important for them strive to incorporate environmental considerations within the criteria by which projects, products, processes and purchases are evaluated. They can promote the conservation of resources and protection of the environment through recycling, reuse, and proper disposal of materials. They should anticipate and react to public concerns about potential dangers and impacts of operations, products, excesses or services including those of global importance. They should continuously struggle to upgrade our environmental performance taking into account technical developments. Community expectations, scientific understanding, and customer needs. Lynas should implement this policy as a primary responsibility, its subsidiaries and each of the facility executives and their

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