Cognitive And Social Development: A Case Study

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Early childhood, also known as the preschool years, encompasses the rapid social and cognitive growth of children between the ages of two to six years (Hoffnung et al., 2016). This period serves as the foundation of an individual's life as they become more independent and social (Hill, Hanks, Wagner & Portrie-Bethke, 2016; Hoffnung et al., 2016). Additionally, children explore their roles outside of the family (Hoffnung et al., 2016). This essay will explore some normative milestones in cognitive and social development. It will also discuss some key aspects that influence the cognitive and social development of children. Furthermore, this essay will explain the importance of this knowledge in relation to the nursing practice. Cognitive development…show more content…
Language development is also key aspect of cognitive development in this stage. According to Vygotsky, a child has to be exposed to…show more content…
It can be asserted that these factors interact holistically (Guerrin & Guerrin, 2013; Cowie, 2012). For example, education not only influences social development through the interaction with peers but also stimulates cognitive development (Cowie, 2012). Furthermore, physical development of the brain is essential in both social and cognitive development (Cowie, 2012). Attachment is a key factor in social development as it has a substantial effect on a child's sense of self and capacity to form other relationships (Cowie, 2012). For example, an insecurely attached child would be more distrustful and would not expect support from others in contrast with a securely attached child (Cowie, 2012). Socioeconomic status is another factor that has a significant effect on a child's social and cognitive development as it could potentially limit a child's access to appropriate education and interaction with peers (Hill et al., 2016; Cowie, 2012). Thus, various factors such as physical development, socioeconomic status, attachment, and others interact holistically in a child's cognitive and social

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