Normative Values In Nursing

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Normative Values A number of values are held at the core of this policy proposal. The main values that, this policy proposal intends to protect are, equity, efficiency, education, and healthy communities. These values align with the mission, vision, and values of the client. The mission of the client, AACN, is to serve as a facilitator for excellence in nursing education, research, and practice. Their vision is to lead health care transformation and improve health. Guided by these values and the vision of the client, this proposal will improve the preparation of primary care nurse practitioners and ultimately improve health. According to Braverman (2014), health equity is the basis for a commitment to reduce- and, ultimately eradicate – disparities…show more content…
Utilizing well prepared APRNs in underserved communities will assist in achieving this goal. Access to previously unavailable preventative care will reduce disparities and improve population health. CMS supports approaches to improving quality, accessibility, and affordability of care (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, n.d.). If given the proper preparation APRNs can meet these initiatives. The ANA mission is to advance the nursing profession to improve health for all (American Nurses Associations, 2018). This policy proposal aligns with the ideals of this organization aimed at advancing nursing and advocating for improving health for all. The ANA should support this proposal as it will improve the education and preparation of APRNs and therefore, improve population health.…show more content…
This alternative will address the demand for primary care providers, while also improving access to care in medically underserved communities. This alternative aligns with the values education and efficiency because it will allow for improved preparation of more primary care providers and increased access to preventative services. This proposal however does not support equity and healthy communities as it does not specifically focus on improving access in underserved

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