Normative Vs Normaistic Hedonism

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Among the Ethical Philosophy, which I find to be interesting and different from the beliefs that I have, is the Normative or Ethical Hedonism. Coming from a culture which is highly collective, this ethical philosophy is something interesting to learn as a person who strive to broaden his horizon by learning different ethical philosophy that might different from ours, yet common and acceptable by other culture. As far as our culture is concern, we believe that we must act always according to the will of our conscience and we must always follow the norms of the society for the betterment of all. Normative Hedonism is a theory which suggest that happiness must be always be given a huge importance and as much as possible “pain should be avoided.” There are two types of Normative Hedonism. The first is Hedonistic Egoism which suggest that we must “do whatever makes us happiest.” Second, the hedonistic utilitarian that aims to produce the “net happiness by all concern.” Aside from being “accused as repugnant,” the theory seems contrary to my own values and free will, nevertheless it stir my interest because I want to know how a person behaves when this theory applies to him/her. In Hedonistic Egoism, the practice seems very strange especially when a guilty person of any crime will undergo a certain education that will help him/her lessen the burden they are carrying by reducing the “capacity for sympathy and guilt.” This will allow them to “take advantage of any opportunities
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