Norms In American Society

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Norms and values dominate every society around the world and dictate the subsequent culture within it. A norm can be defined as the expected ways of behavior within a society. The disruption of these norms is quite obvious, whether it be a casual or more serious offense. Society tends to overlook the norms that dictate the behavior in an elevator. Participants A and B entered elevators in two resident halls located at Saint Mary’s College in order to observe the behavior of others. While breaking a norm in the elevator setting, the participants were able to observe the negative and confused reactions from others in the elevator. Moreover, these pessimistic responses of others in the situation contribute to the pressure on individuals to conform to the norms of a society. Members of a society determine the norms of a situation, in this case, an elevator, which dictates how individuals should behave. The expected behavior of an individual in an elevator is to be standing, honor others personal space, and keep to oneself. Normally, when entering an elevator, individuals gravitate toward the corners and separate from those around him or her. Another folkway that dictates behavior in an elevator is that individuals are to remain somewhat quiet and refrain from personal conversation. The elevator in American society serves as an awkward mode of transportation in which individuals who may or may not know one another try to get from point A to point B with as little contact as

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