Norse Mythology Research Paper

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Norse Mythology by: Molly Davis There are many stories in Norse Mythology. Golden Apples of Iduna, Thor and the Giants, Freya's Necklace name just a few, but there are many more. These stories have also been explained through video clips, but from a different perspective. As these three myths are examined, points of both similarities and differences will be the focus. The first myth was about the Golden Apples of Iduna. Odin and Loki went to Midguard. Loki was taken buy the bird, Thiassi. Loki agreed to help the giant. Thiassi took Iduna away. When she got taken away to Jotemhiem then the gods became old. When Loki and Iduna were chased and made it back to Asguard that is how Thiassi died. Loki was called a trader by the other gods, because he helped the giant. His punishment was: Loki was the last one to get an apple to make the gods younger again. I learned that Iduna was a god. Loki was helping the giants. The…show more content…
Odin invited Freya to a feast, so she wanted to get a new necklace. Freya went into a cave to find a new necklace. Freya can control weather and the seasons, and is also very stubborn. She meet the goblins in the cave. Her husband left her because she got a necklace from the goblins in the cave. Loki took the necklace from Freya when she was asleep. Loki turned into a fly, a bird, and a ball of fire while having the necklace. I learned that Loki took the necklace from Freya when she was asleep, and that she can control weather and seasons. After reading and watching the three myths, Golden Apples of Iduna, Thor and the Giants, and Freya's Necklace. My favorite myth is the Golden Apples of Iduna because the apples are protected and only Iduna can pick the them. The details of the story help me "see" the journey and the troubles of Iduna. This is the only myth that I found interesting out of the three. Freya being all stubborn was not good for me. Thor and the giants was to
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