North America Monologue

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I sat in my mud hut, pondering the decisions I have made. I think I would have done it again; for her. It 's easy to say, I haven 't yet had to deal with the full consequences of my actions yet. The man beside me, was rather languid considering the circumstances. Though I suppose he chose this too. I ask him why he sold himself like this. He looked at me, and I realized I had mistaken his relaxation for shock. He mumbled something, I couldn 't quite make it all out, all I knew was something about a son. His son? Probably, it 's not uncommon for people to sell themselves here to help a loved one. A tall man with a pale complexion enters the hut, he says that he needs eight men, and that two hundred American dollars will be rewarded to any survivors. I see this as a chance to make some money for my sister, if I didn 't she wouldn 't be able to get her pills and selling myself would be all for naught. Seven other men and I stand up and shuffle our way to the starting lines,…show more content…
The sound of the river calms me, my nose is now submerged beneath the water. The numbness that earlier enveloped my arm has started to dissipate. All I feel is a sting in my arm and I take a light breath in an attempt to start drowning myself. It is not what I had hoped. I immediately panic, it seems as though death does not suit me. Using my one arm and leg I push my way to the surface. Looking around I see a beach like area. Kicking and flailing my appendages to my best ability I hope it 's enough to make it the the rivers edge. Beaching myself, I crawl about three feet before throwing up the water in my lungs. After my lungs were purged of any unnecessary liquids I stood, leaning on my good foot, then looking at my damaged arm. The pain hits me and I collapse and throw up again. Feeling faint I do my best to pull myself together before I pass out. Standing once again and trying to look at the positives, I realize I am not dead, and the pain in my arm may give
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