North American Colonies Relationship

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What were Great Britain and the North American colonies’ relationship prior to the American Revolution? The North American colonies disagreed with Great Britain’s power and control over the colonies which caused a great deal of social, political, and economic disputes. Several acts and ideas that were passed through Parliament were rebutted by the colonies and they reciprocated with their own point of view and ideas. Americans talk about themselves in the highest degree a fair amount of times. Stating that they are the greatest at this and the best at that. Americans are extremely idealistic and truly believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as inalienable rights. The American Revolution was really about money since most wealthy…show more content…
One way was through imposing trade regulations which was a more indirect approach. A large amount of Great Britain’s welfare is greatly associated with its transoceanic trade. It had the right to regulate such trade through duties on imports and exports. The second way they gained money was through direct taxation of the colonies which was considered unethical and illegal. A Maryland lawyer by the name of Daniel Dulany states,” …There is a clear and necessary distinction between an act imposing a tax for the single purpose of revenue, and those acts which have been made for the regulation of trade…” Parliaments revenue-producing taxes imposed by the Stamp Act are levied without consent given through the colonies’ representatives which they do not have. It is considered unacceptable and illegal how they tax the colonies under these circumstances that make them little better than “slaves knuckling under to a master.” Much like serfdom in The Middle Ages, Great Britain protects the American colonies and the colonies owe Great Britain a considerable expense for protecting them. Minister Greenville stated,” Great Britain protects America, America is bound to yield obedience, if not, tell me when the Americans were emancipated?” Minister Greenville needs to realize that the colonists helped immensely during the war, and did so at their own expense so they contributed a fair share to the cost of the
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