North American Culture

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Over the centuries North America became home to many groups of people. Yet there are three that have left a lasting impression on the culture of North America. They are the Natives, the Europeans, and the Slaves. They each had their own traditions that were unique to their lifestyle. Yet the all merged to form a whole new culture. The traditions that come together are everyday life, food, and religion. These three groups each brought their own vastly different traditions to North America and over time they merged together to create a new culture that remains today.
The Natives of North America are the first group that brought their unique traditions to the merger. One tradition they brought is how they lived everyday lives. Many Natives in
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There traditions are a little harder to decipher since they had to completely create their own once they hit North America. This is since many of the slaves that are in one area never came from the same part of West Africa. Yet the slaves still could give to the new culture. They did this through creole.
Creole encompassed religion, food, the language they spoke and even resistance. Although food, religion, language were the main traditions that merged to create the new culture. A slave’s food was anything they could grow, if they could have a garden, what they picked from the wild around them, and then “low on the hog”. The provisions from the hog was everything the white man would not eat such as the intestines, the hooves, and even the ears. With what they could scrounge up the slaves could create soul food that was just enough nourishment to get them by and it passed
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The Europeans adopted the planting of the Three Sisters together. While Natives adopted the way of planting with animals and in rows instead of plots. The mix of taking care of the land and over using it depended on the region. Some would take head and rotate crops to make sure the land does not become fallow others would just use the land until was over used and then move to find more. The Natives also brought their hunting skills to help the Europeans survive. The Slaves and the Natives contributed on when, where, and how to plant many of their native produce to
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