North Atlantic Treaty Organization Case Study

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization affects the Western Hemisphere Seka3715 Western Hemispheric Security: IAS 5940-493 June 4, 2017 An interconnected world started developing after World War II by the expansion of international relationships that served as a purpose for protection. After WWII, the United States became more involved with European affairs. The concern for physical and political security required evaluation. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a great start to states creating alliances to benefit each other. NATO was developed by the United States, Canada, and several other Western European Nations who signed the treaty on April 4th, 1949 in Washington, D.C. The U.S. mission to the North Atlantic…show more content…
had to station troops and secure territory in Europe. President Truman proposed to congress the mutual defense assistance program which was passed and it appropriated $1.4 billion dollars for building Western European defenses.3 NATO manages air, ground, and naval operations around the world. NATO’s international partnerships have a great impact on the Western Hemisphere as well because they control the rules for trade agreements and other international agreements. NATO conducts air policing missions on the request of its allies to support the African Union. Assisting and responding to every situation that’s needed to protect civilians, such as; children and armed, women and peace security, conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence.4 NATO’s policy for the protection of civilians has them prepared for all types of situations. They assisted in the response to the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe. This is affecting the Western Hemisphere and peace by ensuring these refugees do not enter Western Hemisphere illegally causing a domestic security concern. Some missions protect populations against natural, technological and humanitarian disasters; not all countries have the resources available to help themselves. NATO’s international efforts assist in protecting their way of life and better these nations to create a substantial economic growth to their nation and keep their natural resources products available to the world. NATO’s impact upon stability, peace, and governance of the Western Hemisphere is substantial. After reading multiple international organizations and inspirational individual’s meaning on governance, the term governance illustrates the method of which power is exercised in the management of economic, political, socialism, and administration authority a country’s affairs are handled. The U.S. economy, political and administrative system is strong and successful; which is the reason why countries
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