North Carolina Civil Summons: A Case Study

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State Of North Carolina Civil Summons AOC-CV-100 State of North Carolina Civil Summons also serves as a subpoena to the defendant to answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the District or Superior Court Division in the General Court of Justice of the North Carolina State. The summons is served under the G.S. 1A-1, Rules 3, 4 provisions of North Carolina General Statutes. Plaintiff can endorse defendants using the spaces provided in this legal instrument. The defendant can respond within thirty days of serving the summons to the plaintiff, his/her attorney, and to the court by submitting the original answer with the Clerk of Superior Court. Mandatory Arbitration may apply to the hearing and the court provided further orders and directives…show more content…
Type the name of the county, then the file number and select between the right type of the court from two choices given. Mark the box to specify if this summons is Alias and Pluries Summons. Continue by furnishing the information about the date on which the original summons was issued and date of any subsequent summons issued thereafter. Enter the name of the plaintiff followed by address, city, state, and zip code. Provide the name/s of defendant/s in the space for the same. Specify name and addresses of each defendant in separate boxes. Furnish city, state, and zip code for all defendants in the respective spaces. Next portion of the summons has space for specifying the name and address of the attorney for the plaintiff. Mention the name and address of the plaintiff in the absence of the attorney of the plaintiff. Continue by providing date of the issuance, time with AM or PM, signature, and the mode from Deputy CSC, Assistant CSC, or Clerk Of Superior Court. Select the box Endorsement if applicable and provide details of date of endorsement, time, select if AM or PM, and sign in the space provided. Specify between the choices of Deputy CSC, Assistant CSC, or Clerk of Superior
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