North Country Film Analysis

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sexual harassment law suit North Country directed by Niki Caro and screen play by Michael Seitzman. She left her abusive husband to take care of her two children by herself. She then finds a full time job at a mining company in her home town. There is a ratio of 30 men to 1 woman in the mining industry in Minnesota. One woman (Charlize Theron) takes the mining company to court because of sexual harassment happening inside the work place. Many of the women already working there are too afraid to speak up because the men have threatened them if they would ever speak up about the situation. The movie dedicates their time on showing how these men have verbally and physically abused women because they are working “a man’s job” and believe they…show more content…
The woman takes the company to court and needs to prove the sexual harassment going on in the mining field. The male workers in the movie harass the female with verbal sexual assaults, slut shamming rumors and worsens with the men becoming abusive. The women were so afraid they did not back up the plaintiff (Charlize Theron) during the begging of the court case. The defendant in this case is the mining company who are defending not just the corporation but the men who work for it as well. Their case is that Charlize Theron is the only one causing the problems in the union. They make the other women sign a paper declaring that they have not been in any sexual harassment incidents while working in the mines. They as well have one of the miners as a witness against Charlize Theron saying that she is a woman of drama and sleeping with inappropriate people.
Before court the company holds a meeting with the main woman and says that she can easily quit her job without having to put in a notice for resignation so she would stop with what they call “stirring up other women and sleeping with male co-workers.” They were trying to protect themselves by getting her to quit and blame her for the situation. She declines the offer and tells them that she will see them in
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