North Korea And Anthem Analysis

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Aspect by definition is a particular part or feature of something. There are many similar aspects of life between people living in North Korea and Anthem. Two of those aspects are entertainment and consequences for breaking the laws. In the novella, man lived to serve his fellow man. The society knew no entertainment other than doing what they were assigned. This is similar to the people in North Korea. In the article “Life inside the surreal, cruel & sheltered North Korea”, Mina Yoon mentions free time not being common, and if it was, there isn’t much to enjoy. Although neither have much entertainment, North Korea at least has TV’s and a waterpark for some people. In the novella, the people have no concept of fun or free time because it would be a transgression.…show more content…
Caught watching a DVD from the west is hard time in labor camp and used to be punishable by death. The country threatens defectors with execution, and if they do escape they fear their families being killed. Punishment is also given to anyone who makes “an ill-advised criticism or complaint.” In Anthem, rule breakers were sent to the Palace of Corrective Detention. Just like in North Korea, citizens lived in fear. The biggest difference is in the novella, the Palace didn’t have any security stopping people from escaping. Fear is a very powerful thing, for it has the ability to control thousands. The majority of people chose to abide by the laws because they were afraid of the consequences. They were also taught a bunch of propaganda and lies from a young age. They didn’t have much say in anything so they would just do what they were told, and they were told to follow the rules. In conclusion, two aspects of life in North Korea and Anthem are entertainment and consequences for breaking the laws. Both societies have similarities and differences in these aspects. Overall, both these communities are ruled by
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