North Korea Culture Essay

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The culture in North Korea is vastly different from American culture and can often leave many wondering about the mysterious and mystifying country. Examining the material traits, social forms, and beliefs of North Korea give a glimpse of what makes their culture so intriguing. Their overwhelming nationalism and eccentric isolationism are the basis of their culture and shape their view of the world around them. Investigating their culture further will hopefully reveal the mysteries of the strange culture that exists in North Korea.
The material traits of a country often reflect what is most valued in that culture. In North Korea, it is clear to see that the culture is very nationalistic and that North Koreans have an extremely high respect for their leaders, both former and current. In the streets of North Korea, numerous billboards with pictures of the leader can be seen. Some show the country’s current leader, but many still showcase Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of Kim Jong Un. In addition to multiple billboards, the country is covered in statues of their leaders. Showing their national
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North Korea has many nationalistic beliefs. Both past and current leaders of North Korea are seen almost as divine entities and are praised. Kim Il Sung, although deceased for nearly 25 years, is still respected and treated as the true leader of North Korea. The most common religions in North Korea are Buddhism, Confucianism, Korean Shamanism, and Cheondoism. However, Kim Jong Il approved some Christian churches throughout the country. Almost all North Koreans also live by the word “Juche” or in English self-reliance. This is the belief that basically, North Korea is the best culture and that they do not want any part of another culture. Along with this idea comes their great hatred of America. America, as a whole, is seen as public enemy number one in North Korea. The beliefs of North Koreans exemplify their ideology of
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