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Okay so today we will be talking about the always good and truthful existence of the main stream media. Okay so yeah I couldn 't say that without laughing so I doubt you were able to read it, But, jokes aside, I will be the last person to ever be for state controlled media, I mean we all see how well that 's doing in the 'Out-of-this-world ' , almost quite literally, country of North Korea. On the other hand its a bit alarming (and whimsical) when you have article titles like this "should killing girls in online girls be considered rape" and of course my favorite, "I 'm done pretending men are safe, even my sons" where a crazy feminist basically writes how she has "the kind of sons everyone would love to have" but she 's "starting to hate them because they 're white males and are potential rapists" Yeah I know (palm hit face) lets get back to the main…show more content…
Okay now I am not for the military walking around the middle east and killing everyone, but I hate hearing all the times there was a time to kill a terrorist leader like I don 't Know Bin Laden or another HVT, just because there are a few innocent people near by, and here 's why. The people who are wanting to "spew American blood" are also raping and killing people every day in the middle east. Lets take Tora Bora, as many of you know Osama Bin Laden was to blame for the 9/11 attacks, well 3 months later we had him pinned down in Tora Bora Afghanistan, so here is what Bush is considering, strike the town with a predator drone and risk civillian casualties or just don 't do anything basically. Well as history has shown us he didn 't do anything. Luckily we got him 10 years later but by then he had already killed thousands of more innocent lives. Lets do some math. Does 20/30>1000 's? if you said yes then you 're either just plain dumb or part of the problem. There are hundreds of stories of Al-Qa 'ida leaders hiding among

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