North Korean Culture And The Culture Of North Korea

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Reputation and titles that culture has played throughout history has evolved since the beginning of time and has changed over the centuries, greatly influencing nations, specifically North Korea. The North Korean society is regarded as unique, modestly due to their cultural and idealistic values differing significantly from other countries. When exploring their cultural qualities, we can identify the purpose and way of life through their civilization. Culture is influenced by factors such as weather, viable agriculture, terrain, history and social clarifications caused by past conflicts. The word culture is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as “the ideas, customs, and courtesies of a particular group” (Oxford Dictionaries). As these variables change, customs and ideas are directly affected. As a particularly idealistic culture, North Korea is recognized as favoring an enclosed environment, sealing itself from the rest of the world and establishing its mysterious nature. The country is widely known for their political dealings, which furthermore highly regulates and filters the information that they release to the rest of the world. However, by surveying the environment geographically, politically and religiously, we hope to better understand the culture of this isolated civilization. North Korea rests just north of the equator, sharing the borders with both China and Russia. Majority of the land is covered with hills and mountains; leaving only “14

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