North Vs South Essay

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Take a second to imagine what our lives would be like if our nation was still divided between North and South, much like it was in the 1800’s. Constant economic, political and social conflict all around the country. The economic, political and social aspects in the North and the South were similar in some ways, but for the most part very different, which is what created the conflict that eventually led to the Civil War. Our new nation, called America, wasn’t very well put together yet. People tended to split apart from each other, causing the 13 colonies to be divided into the New England region, the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies. The middle colonies kind of just split apart into the North and South though. Because of where…show more content…
In both Virginia and New England, the majority of white colonists were English. The whole reason that America was founded was because people wanted to separate from England to pursue their own religious freedom, because of this most people in America, including the New England colony and Virginia colony, were Christians. But other than that, there was really no other social based similarities between the North and the South. One major difference was in age, sex, and family structure between the two areas. New England’s colonists generally came in family groups. Therefore, there were a variety of ages and both sexes were fairly evenly represented. In contrast, most people who came to Virginia were young and single and more men than women came. Many of these were people coming as indentured servants. This meant that Virginia’s population was younger, more male, and less likely to be in family groups than the population of New England. The biggest difference between the North and the South socially is of course slavery. The South believed that African American people were only good for picking crops and earning them more money, while the North believed that they had more to offer. This over time built up a lot of tension and was the overall reason as to why the civil war broke
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