Northern And Northern Renaissance Similarities

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The Renaissance is well known as an Italian phenomenon and while the Renaissance may have started in Italy, it inspired further Renaissances to occur all over Europe, including the Northern Renaissance. Beginning in the 14th century, new ideas and concepts were being formed during the Italian Renaissance such as humanism, new perspectives of the Catholic Church, different styles of art, etc.. All these new ideas spread and soon enough in the late 15th century, Northern Europe had a Renaissance of its own, obviously inspired by the Italian Renaissance, but with their own twist to the idea of a Renaissance that was unique to them. Humanism, reform in the Catholic Church, change in literature, and new styles of art can show that there had undeniably been a “rebirth” (Renaissance: rebirth) in Northern Europe and that it indeed had a Renaissance of its own. The focus on humanism was an effect of the Renaissance that occurred in Northern Europe. Life before the Renaissance had been focused on the…show more content…
That it was merely a continuation of the Italian Renaissance. This may be true in various attributes of the Northern Renaissance, but what the opponent fails to realize is that these two separate Renaissances had many differences as well and it is these distinct differences that give the Northern Renaissance its own identity. For example, art in the Italian Renaissance was focused a lot on the wealthy and powerful, while in the Northern Renaissance a greater emphasis was put on pious, simple life so many paintings could be seen of everyday peasant life. Another difference between these two Renaissances is that the Italian Renaissance had a large interest Greek and Roman revival while the North was more interested in religious reform. Thus it can be proven, through the differentiations such as the ones listed above (and many more), that the Northern European Renaissance did
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