Northern Disillusionment Analysis

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While reading the selected documents for this week, two of them really stood out to me. In the section of Opposition and Northern Disillusionment, I thought that documents 1 and 10 went nicely with one another. In fact, I believe that they are very documents that allow the reader to contrast them in a way with one another. In document 1, it describes President Grant’s disapproval and frustration with how the Southern states are acting. It seems that ever since the end of the war that there has been a ton of violence, violence that is not even necessary, this violence that is tearing apart the Republican party. In comparison, document 10, Colonel Lusk leaves the Republican party to join the Democratic party for fear of his family being ostracized because it was the only way to not be so.…show more content…
It takes the country a long time to recover after the war and these show how people are taking it so far. President Grant is obviously tired of all that has happened and wants everything to be back to how it was before the war. I think this is very characteristic of Grant, as he tends to be a quiet man who wants to keep to himself. Unfortunately for him, the country does not want to proceed the way he wants it to. As for the man who leaves the party he believes in, he does so for his family. He gives up what he wants to allow his family the chance to be normal rather than being ostracized. These two different men show very different sides. One who doesn’t want to help the South change any more, and one who changes for the South. The question is, which one is

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