Northern Fur Seals: A Short Story

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My Introduction to Jared
I was taking a walk on the beach to clear my head, when I saw an animal that look like it could be a small seal struggling in a net. When I got close enough to see it clearly, I noticed that it was in large fishing net of sorts. I walked up slowly from behind, and saw that the net was digging it to the skin around his neck and that it was extremely close to choking it. I looked for the sharpest rock I could find and tried to be as gentle as I could while sawed at the coarse rope. Finally, the slow task was done. When I stepped back, the seal slowly turned and said “Thank you”. My first instinct was just to say “You’re welcome”, but then I realised it talked. It continued to tell me in a normal male sounding voice that those types are nets are illegal for the exact reason that just happened to him and that, that is one of the main reasons his whole spices is in danger. Then he just bowed his head to me and
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This question seemed to perk him up some and when he did talk, he was very excited. He said that Northern Fur Seals spend most all their time in open waters and mainly come to shore annually to breed. Also, that they preferred rocky beaches when they did reproduce (NOAA Fisheries 2015). They stay mostly in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, but have been found all the way up in the Arctic and lower down near Japan and California. Jared said that he mostly ate fish, squid, and other marine invertebrates, which he explained to me were marine animals without vertebrae or spines. He told me that his main predators are Great White Sharks, Killer Whales, Steller Sea Lions, and humans (Seal Conservation Society, 2011). Jared continued to say that Great White Sharks, Killer Whales, Steller Sea Lions kill them for food, and so do humans, but humans also do it just for their own gain, because they do not absolutely have to consume Northern Fur
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