Northland Mission Statement Analysis

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To me, Northland’s mission statement means that I can get a new perspective on my education by learning from an environmental standpoint. With this new perspective of learning, I will be able to live a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle while preparing for my future. I can focus on my passions and strengthen them to become successful within the natural resources and environmental career fields. The programs at Northland will help me achieve my personal career goals in ways that would not be possible at other schools in the country. Northland offers me the education and experience that employers are searching for.
The Fisheries and Wildlife Ecology program at Northland surpasses all my expectations. This program gives me the opportunity to
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These connections are what will help me to become successful in achieving my personal career goals. I will also be able to find solutions to environmental challenges and concerns that the world faces. To think that I can make an impact on the world through my studies is incredible. The professor to student ratio at Northland would also help me achieve my full potential by allowing me to grow strong connections with professors and fellow students. A smaller class size would also give me a strong learning opportunity and help grow my leadership skills.
The mission of Northland College opens up a new door of possibilities to me in ways that will help me achieve my personal career goals. I can get a well rounded education through the liberal arts, and I can also focus on what I care about the most- the environment and natural resources. There are few colleges that offer me this opportunity, especially in Wisconsin. My passion for the environment and protecting natural resources would be a great asset towards Northland that I am able to provide. Through Northland College, I can have an impact on the world and obtain the career of my
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