Northrop Grumman Case Analysis Essay

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SW analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses (IFAS) Strengths Weight Rating Weighted Score Comments

S1 Innovation .15 4.8 .72 Northrop Grumman is currently the leading global security company that provides innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems to government and commercial customers worldwide.

S2 Large Financial Assets .15 4.7 .705 Northrop Grumman?s current assets increased from Dec. 2012 ($874 Mil) to Dec. 2013 ($955 Mil) but then declined from Dec. 2013 ($955 Mil) to Dec. 2014 ($773 Mil).

S3 Diversified business portfolio .1 4.5 .45 Northrop Grumman has a broad portfolio of contracts ranging from design and development of operational systems and components across the air, land and space domains.
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With their production facilities being located in the US the stability of the dollar can have an impact on the corporation in multiple ways. Weak dollar can decrease assets and ability to acquiring credit. Sales can be less profitable in foreign markets in comparison to foreign currency.

T2 Intense competition .1 4.5 .45 Northrop Grumman 's key competitors are Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon. With this competition job acquisition and profit margins can be reduced. Northrop Grumman can gain competitive advantage with technology, customer needs and pricing to acquire new contracts.

T3 Government Regulations .05 3.5 .175 Changes to government rules and regulations can negatively affect Northrop Grumman

T4 Decline in Defense Spending .05 3.0 .15 Defense spending can directly impact Northrop Grumman with limits other customers. Since it is politically driven and changes quickly, Northrop Grumman cannot make the necessary long term planning required to efficiently build a business.

T5 Slowdown of the economy .1 4.0 .4 An economic slowdown, could affect Northrop Grumman worldwide, this factor can lead to an increase in costs in all

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