North's View Of Reconstruction Essay

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As people began to make new of something they have killed it as well. It was in the 1800’s after the Civil War when reconstruction started to form reconstruction. With grant as the president of the United States, reconstruction was formed to help transition after the civil war to reconnect the states and help freedmen into society. There was an opposing terrorist group known as the KKK. Their goal was to end reconstruction and belittle freedman. The North gave up on the South and reconstruction, changed their views of reconstruction, and Grant got too preoccupied for reconstruction, making them the ones who killed reconstruction. The North gave up on sending their government officials to the South for reconstruction. “Many Northern voters…show more content…
“The North began to turn against reconstruction policies” (Danzer). The North had been supportive of the idea of reconstructions changed their minds as if making it apparent that it is done. “Gaining honorable subsistence and performing the duties…” (Richardson) . This was a racist post in the Boston Evening Transcript showing that the North has started to oppose one of the factors/purposes of reconstruction. The kkk had influence in the South as well could be argued, but again i go back to the quote of “the North turned against reconstruction policies” (Danzer). The North then makes it apparent that the didn 't care or reconstruction, but were not in fear of the kkk. The North gave up on reconstruction, who used to be supportive of it, and that showed that they had put an end to it. The Northern reconstruction by not wanting to send government official s, having Grant preoccupied, and changing their views of reconstruction and the South. By getting tired of the South having their officials, Grand having to pay attention to only frauds, and opposing reconstruction, the North killed reconstruction. This overall helps us reflect and understand how it affected what we have
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