Northwest Ordinance Research Paper

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Somebody cannot run and manage their organization without any clear rules and frame how to govern it. It’s just the same like governing and managing the nation or state. Thus, the Northwest Ordinance was made in 1787 (259). This ordinance generally talked about the specific act about how to rule and govern the Northwest Territory hence there will be no misapplication later (259). Furthermore, this ordinance were talking about how to become a state (259). It is included the preparation and procedure to get the state status. Well, the procedure might more likely the same with the one had by the royal colonies (259). Yet, this ordinance had three different main points. The first point was territory might only draft their area to be a state after having approximately 60.000 population there (260). After completing the requirement, they were allowed to apply for state…show more content…
The bill of rights talked about the usage of common law, freedom in religion, population representation in legislative, and the jury were allowed to do a trial in court (260). The third was about the get rid of slavery from the Northwest area (260). As a result, the slaves were getting free completely, start from the river area of the Ohio till Mississippi and also the Mason-Dixon area (260 & 261). The most important point of the Northwest Ordinance was all the state would be impartially treated and acknowledged as American republic (261). There will be no served as the territory under colonies (261). Overall, the three points of Northwest Ordinance were all important. The three points included the clear procedure to be a state, bill of rights which assured the rights of people and state, and also the abolishment of slavery in the Northwest. However, there was one most important point resulted from this ordinance, which is all the states will acknowledge as part of the American republic and no longer under the colonies
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