Norton Antivirus Advantages And Disadvantages

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What is Norton Antivirus?


At present day, computers are exposed to a lot of the damage due to malicious viruses circulating in the world of technology. Due to this antivirus software was created. So, an anti-virus is a program that protects computers from malicious programs or any unknown issues. In this essay, I will cover the history of Norton antivirus, the mechanisms of it, features, disadvantages and advantages of such.

History of Norton Antivirus

Before Internet access was widespread, viruses were usually transmitted by infected floppy disks. In the year 1990 Norton Antivirus appeared by Peter Norton, who ran a computer software company. In 1994, Symantec bought the company from Norton with all rights and it was developed to detect viruses, spyware. This year, Norton continues with a best user interface, decent essential protection, but still needs being improvements to meet the requirements of the times because evil minds are still creating viruses maligning that effect in the safety of computer systems. So all of us computer should depend on a strong shield in Norton.

The mechanisms of it
The first and more importantly task of an antivirus program is to prevent, protect, or obstruction any malicious activities in your PC or office network and home in real-time. Norton Antivirus can examined your PC in two ways: automatically or manually. If you choose manually scan, you can scan any files and documents or medium that you are attempting to

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