Norton Museum History

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The Norton Museum of Art located in Miami is a popular art museum that collects, preserves, studies, displays and uses fine arts educationally. It is an interactive non-profit community visual arts museum that showcases permanent collection along with hosting some rotating exhibits, receptions, gallery talks, educational programs, workshops for master artists and special events all year round. The museum has eight spaces that include classrooms and galleries that are changed into meeting spaces that can accommodate up to 200 people for special events. The Museum Store is located at the main location and it has a huge collection of books, original works of artist pottery, jewelry, greeting cards, fine art prints, postcards and children’s things.…show more content…
Local museums enable people of a community to enjoy a sense of place and collective heritage. Museums are interactive and digital activities also add to the knowledge of people. Curators do not have much space to explain their items but interactive screens allow people to explore more detail. Museums also enrich tourists’ experience of visiting any nation. Travelling artifacts are very beneficial for those who cannot afford to travel to other countries. Museums are engaged with various forms of public history. They not only explore the history of the world but also look into the future. One important function of museums is to ensure that marginalized voices and world history is shared with the world. History is brought to life and the truth is presented to the world through museums. Museums help in building a community by developing a true and strong and true social network. Artists, mentors, patrons, curators, educators and publishers open the windows to…show more content…
The Norton Museum of Art in Miami is a famous art museum that has showcases, preserves and uses artistic works to educate the masses about the culture, norms, values, beliefs and religions of the people of the world. The Norton Museum of Art is a non-profit interactive visual arts museum that hosts permanent and temporary exhibits along with receptions, workshops, educational programs and gallery talks. Special events are also held at the museum and there is a Museum Store with an amazing collection of books, artist greeting cards, jewelry, postcards, fine art prints etc. Museums have also been important for societies because they have played an important role in fabricating societies. Art museums display the achievements of man and his aspirations. They enable people to understand other cultures, religions, values and beliefs thus they are valued in every

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