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Nosebleed, Adult

A nosebleed is when blood comes out of your nose. Nosebleeds are common. They are not usually a sign of a serious condition.

Nosebleeds can happen if a small blood vessel in your nose starts to bleed or if the lining of your nose (mucous membrane) cracks. They are commonly caused by:



Picking your nose.

Blowing too hard.

An injury from sticking an object into your nose or getting hit in the nose.

Dry or cold air.

Less common causes of nosebleeds include:

Toxic fumes.

Something abnormal in the nose or in the air-filled spaces in the bones of the face (sinuses).

Growths in the nose, such as polyps.

Medicines or conditions that make blood clot slowly.

Certain illnesses or procedures that irritate or
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Pinch your nostrils under the bony part of your nose with a clean towel or tissue. After 10 minutes, let go of your nose and see if bleeding starts again. Do not release pressure before that time. If there is still bleeding, repeat the pinching and holding for 10 minutes until the bleeding stops.

Do not place tissues or gauze in the nose to stop bleeding.

Avoid lying down or tilting your head backward. This may make blood collect in the throat and cause gagging or coughing.

Use a nasal spray decongestant to help with a nosebleed as directed by your health care provider.

Do not use petroleum jelly or mineral oil in your nose. It can drip into your lungs.

After a nosebleed:

Avoid blowing or sniffing your nose for a number of hours.

Resume your normal activities as you are able, but avoid straining, lifting, or bending at the waist for several days.

Use saline spray or a humidifier as told by your health care provider.

Aspirin and blood thinners make bleeding more likely. If you are prescribed these medicines and you suffer from

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